Water Filtration & Softeners For Superior Quality Lake Zurich Water

Water filtration and softeners

Ford Plumbing can offer Lake Zurich customers exceptional service, including water filtration and softeners. As a top local plumber, it's surprising to find so many homes that still lack some method of improvement for household water. Water filtration and softeners help improve the quality of your home's water.

Even if you don't use tap water for drinking, you need to be careful about your water quality. A whole-house water filtration system is the smart approach for concerns about potential hazards in your tap water.

Are you tired of seeing spots on dishes, crusty deposits in your coffee pot? Do you leave the shower noticing your skin feels itchy and dry? Then a water softener could be the ideal solution, and we'll discuss your options with you and take care of the installation.

Water Softeners

Any plumber in Lake Zurich who has worked for even a short amount of time is familiar with our local water quality. Water filtration and water softeners are an essential part of living here if you want to be able to have better, cleaner, softer water.

Hard water means there are mineral deposits, chiefly dissolved calcium and magnesium. The trouble is that the problems caused by hard water are plenty, but you may not identify your water as the culprit. Some of the benefits of using a water softener for your home:

  • Softer Hair
  • Longer Lasting Appliances
  • Fewer Problems With Pipes
  • Less Clothing Fading And Wear
  • Healthier Houseplants
  • Less Scale Buildup

You even use less soap for your dishes! It's time to get serious about improving the water quality inside your house, including softening it with our installed device.

Why Water Filtration Matters

If you have poor water quality and we've made pipe repairs to determine that's not the cause, it's time to look into filtration. Filtered water helps ensure that you and your family aren't exposed to contaminated water - including what you cook with or give your pets to drink!

Better water through means of a whole-house filtration system is vital for:

  • Water Impurity Removal
  • Tastes And Smells Better
  • Less Wasteful Than Bottled Water
  • More Cost-Effective Than Bottled Water
  • Better For The Environment

Make the call today to Ford Plumbing, and let's talk about water filtration or a softener system for your Lake Zurich area home.

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