Water Heater Replacement To Upgrade Your Lake Zurich Property

Water heater installation

Ford Plumbing knows how much work the plumbing and water heater in the average Lake Zurich household does. When it comes time for a water heater replacement, we're the obvious choice for a professional plumber. With the right unit, installation, and maintenance, your water heater can last a decade or more.

You'll have to take care of minor repairs along the way, but it's worth it to prolong replacement for as long as possible. However, eventually, replacement is inevitable, and you can trust us to undertake this demanding project for you—the better the quality of the product and installation, the better the performance and longevity.

When it comes to water heater replacement, we're the team you can trust. Since 1991, we've been taking excellent care of local customers. Call us for an installment, and we'll even remove your old water heater for you.

New Water Heater Installation

There are plenty of jobs a plumber in Lake Zurich can take care of for you, but not just any plumber will do. When you choose Ford Plumbing, you're opting to work with an industry expert with a skill for water heater replacement. If you're not careful, you could end up with an inferior contractor and run into mistakes that cause issues like:

  • Wrong Size Tank
  • Consumes Too Much Energy
  • Wastes Water
  • Requires Frequent Repairs
  • Needs Replacement Too Soon

Repair Or Replacement: How Can You Tell?

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have is determining if they really need to replace their system or if they just need water heater repair? For one thing, know the age of your system because when the unit gets old enough, replacement makes more sense.

Water heaters are typically good for at least ten years, but a problem can develop at any time. If you have frequent repair service needs, it may be better to invest the money into replacing it instead of continuing to repair it.

Ford Plumbing will inspect your water heater and offer professional feedback about whether repairs will suffice or if replacement is inevitable. Call us now and let Ford Plumbing take care of your water heater replacement in Lake Zurich.

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Our Trusted Brands

When you need to contact a Lake Zurich plumber, be sure they’re trained and authorized to work on your make, model, and brand - or just call us because we do it all! Check out this impressive list of most of the brands we offer professional plumbing services for.

  • Moen
  • Grohe
  • Chicago
  • Delta
  • Gerber
  • Bradford White
  • Kohler
  • Americast
  • Bootz
  • National
  • Mustee
  • Marblecast
  • Swanstone
  • Hand Tiled
  • Mansfield
  • Insinkerator
  • Lang
  • Grundfos
  • Bell & Gossett
  • Brasscraft
  • Watts
  • Red White
  • Barnes
  • Hydromatic
  • Metropolitan

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