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At Ford Plumbing Lake Zurich, we realize you have a choice in plumbing contractors so let us show you how our service is Top Notch and tailored to fit your everyday needs.

We at Ford Plumbing constantly strive to build better and stronger relationships with our customers by providing professional, neat, courteous service and remain diligent in updating our information and knowledge of the always changing plumbing industry.

Our plumbing professionals are always knowledgeable and can answer many of your questions on various plumbing situations. We make sure the job is done right!



Your home and/or business demands superior plumbing for clean water, and sanitary collection and transport of wastes. We have a deep and broad understanding of residential and commercial plumbing systems.


From exposed pipes to problematic roots to the effects of freezing temperatures, we can help you with your outdoor plumbing needs.


Whether it's a gas or electric water heater, we understand the anatomy of the appliance and provide you with a safe installation. We also troubleshoot and repair the occasional problems that may arise.


We assess the form and severity of piping issues and handle repairs involving any types from copper piping to old galvanized piping.

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