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Prepping for Winter Months

Prepping for Winter Months-0

Prepping for Winter Months

Winters can be brutal in the Chicagoland area with snow and freezing temperatures. Winter weather can be very tough on your home and one potential by-product of cold weather is the frozen water pipe. A good starting point is to winterize outside faucets and fixtures. These few steps will take a small amount of time but they could save you a lot of money and inconvenience.

  • Disconnect – First things first, no matter what kind of hose bibs you have, freeze proof or not, it is very important to remove hoses, splitters or connections from the spigot during the winter.
  • Drain–Getting as much water out of the pipes is the second step to winterizing outdoor faucets.
  • Protect – The last step to winterize outdoor faucets is to protect them with insulation.
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